Defining Leadership

There are so many people in the world today trying to define what “leadership” is. There’s an abundance of literature out there with each person putting their spin on what it means to “lead.” 

At Betr, our philosophy is simple: We are all leaders.

From the gas station attendant, to the stay-at-home parent, to the CEO of an organization, everyone is a leader in their own right. The problem is, most people don’t view themselves in this way.

When I think of the word “leader,” I never think of a position or a title. Instead, I think of the qualities that a leader possesses.

At Betr, we believe these are the top 10 qualities of a leader:

  1. Self-Awareness — aware of behaviours, blind spots and strengths

  2. Integrity — honest, ethical, kind and stays true to their word

  3. Accountable — to themselves and others

  4. Communicative — ability to listen and conveys information in a concise way 

  5. Responsible — for their actions and their impact

  6. Passionate – enthusiastic about their work and overall mission

  7. Empathetic — ability to understand the feelings of others

  8. Adaptive — innovative, proactive and can course correct

  9. Empowered — personally inspired to empower others

  10. Collaborative — sees the value in the collective and works cohesively

With this philosophy in mind, we work with businesses to elicit, teach and develop the skills and qualities of leaders. Our mission is to help others believe that regardless of their position, title, or lack thereof, that they are in fact a leader and their contributions matter. 

How much greater would this world be if everyone was accountable? If the gas-station attendant was equally as empowered as the Vice President of the investment management firm? If everyone viewed themselves as a leader? If everyone embraced their natural abilities to lead?

Our message is simple: We are all leaders. Don’t ever doubt your ability to lead and inspire others.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you or your team can become Betr Leaders, click here to schedule your free Betr Leader Session

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Inquiry: How can I embody the qualities of a leader?

What is an inquiry?

Inquiry-based learning is a form of active learning. Often posed at the end of the coaching session, it is meant to give clients time for continued reflection and exploration. Simply, it is a question to ponder.

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