We work closely with CEO's and / or business owners and review key performance indicators to explore how we can drive results by developing their team.
In many cases, they are too busy and as a result, don't have the time nor the internal resources to create a highly motivated, engaged and productive team. That's where we come in with our Betr Team Program.

Discovery Session - We begin by meeting with the CEO and / or business owner to learn more about the current obstacles they are facing. Using KPI's and other data such as turnover costs, we create a  benchmark of the current performance of the business. From here, we determine if we are able to effectively help.

Team Audit - Our people experts conduct an internal audit of your team. This audit may include a personal assessment, employee engagement survey, 360 evaluation, and one-on-one interview. The results from this audit provide greater insight as to the gaps and obstacles present within the organization and team. 

Customized Strategy - Based on the results from the audit and the desired goals established by the CEO and / or business owner, we create a customized strategy geared towards creating a highly motivated, engaged and productive team.

Approach - Our unique approach consists of professional development plans for each member of the team, one-on-one coaching, team workshops around topics such as communication, and consulting on various topics including performance management.


We select a schedule that is conducive to the needs of your business


Our basic program may be done virtually, minimal team interactions


On site 2-3 days per week during the initial stages of the program to transform the cultural DNA of the business


Special circumstances require a

full-time approach to generate immediate results


Once our clients complete our program, we measure the before and after results to determine the return on their investment and evaluate the success of our work together.

Here are some of the exciting and transformative results our clients have experienced:

  • 90% of employees improved time management

  • 80% of employees were MORE satisfied with the climate and culture of the organization

  • When working with sales teams, 20% increase on top of organic sales

  • 20% increase in team recognition

  • 50% boost to employee engagement

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